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Robert Reynolds

DGS Technical Services has worked on several projects for Cives Steel, Northern Division over the past few years. They have always provided competitive bids for our projects and have performed well on the subsequent award. One of their greatest strengths are their responsiveness to our evolving needs as a project develops. As issues arise on any given day it is good to know that Amir, Aleem, and crew are just a phone call way and ready to give immediate attention to the task at hand. I can truly say that of our short list of detailers, none are more polite, cooperative, or eager to serve than DGSTS. I also commend their communication skills and their diligence and attention to detail when asking the pertinent questions. Too often we pay the price with our other detailers for the questions that were not asked. I take pleasure in working with DGSTS and continue to look forward to our work with them in the future.