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3D Modeling Graphics and Animations

Our areas of expertise include

Prototype Modeling

Going for manufacturing from drawings will delay and expensive too as there will be trial and errors. DGSTS engineers will create 3D models from your concepts by considering manufacturability, so that it can be quickly sent to prototyping.

Solid Modeling

Majority of manufacturers use 3d software to create 3D models with solid modeling,these solid models combine to form assemblies and avoid interference between parts. Our engineers are highly trained in all leading solid modeling software packages.

Surface Modeling

When the scope of work is to create complex outer appearance, we can build surface models that represent your designs/concepts. If you choose to turn your concepts into a physical prototype, then we are the right company to support you.

Assembly Modeling

Our engineers are experts in creating assemblies with both approaches of top-down modeling (assembly) creation and bottom-up modeling according to the requirement. We follow industry best practices to ease assembly modeling for easy modification.

Sheet Metal Modeling

If you want your part to manufactured/fabricated with sheet metal part, we are highly experienced in creating 3D models of sheet metal parts with considering proper Gauge, K- factor, bend allowance, material and flat pattern length.

Bill Of Materials

We can exploded views for your design with detailed BOM that will have all the product details like quantity, part number, material, sub assembly used. It has important role in purchasing, operation manuals acts as a product lifecycle management tool.

Improved product life-cycle management

DGSTS follows international standards, including ASME and ISO for communicating engineering information across all stake holders. We are also successful in helping our clients by providing model-based definition (MBD) methods, which is embedding product data in 3D models which eliminates 2D drawings for delivering product manufacturing information. It prevents errors and saves time to all. Our expert DGSTS engineers uses CAD software to visualize the final product, its sub-assemblies and allied parts. This helps in improving the product design quality, leads to better documentation of designs with fewer drawing errors and legibility. Before the product is ready for manufacturing, DGSTS has the capability to isolate, analyze, test, approve or change each individual component of a product— without changing or altering functionality of the product.

Benefits – Working with DGSTS

Outsourcing the CAD modeling tasks will benefit greatly by:

  1. Faster time to market – as much as a 30-40% reduction.
  2. Lower design cost – as much as 30-40% reduction in investment.
  3. Enhanced product design with improved manufacturability and reliability.

Engagement Models

DGSTS has a variety of engagement models suitable to every type of project and client that we engage with. Whether your project is small or big, we have the necessary resources to take up your project. For smaller projects (< 500 Hrs.): Fixed pricing to complete the project by doing effort estimation For larger projects (> 500 Hrs.): Full Time Equivalents (FTE) at reduced rates for mutual cost benefits. Contact DGSTS today to address all your engineering requirements and discuss your CAD modeling needs. Our Sales team will engage with you right away to explain different options and pricing. We will offer best solutions as per your budget and schedule that works for you.