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Re-Engineering Case Studies

  1. Re Engineering of Turning Rolls Assembly to improve capacity and to reduce the cost
  2. Re-Engineering of Welding Positioners by adopting new Manufacturing process for material optimization and to reduce cost.
  3. Re-Engineering Hydrostatic Pipe Tester to increase capacity, to reduce cost, to have Geo Specific variant.
  4. Re Engineering of Turn Table to accommodate bigger work pieces.
  5. Re Engineering of Silicon Wafer Lift Mechanism

Generic process for re-engineering project

  1. Collect inputs and requirements
  2. Understand existing product functionality and Specifications.
  3. List out client and market requirements.
  4. Brain storm with different functional heads.
  5. Propose various Solutions/concepts
  6. Get client approval
  7. Create Drawings
  8. Do Quality Check
  9. Deliver for Client review
  10. Update if any modifications required

Case Study

The client approached TOI seeking help in re-design of turning roll assembly to reduce the price of their existing products of having load capacity of 30, 60 and 90 ton


  • 30% more variants/work pieces handling
  • 26% cost reduction of the turning roll assembly
  • 50% of human efforts reduction by standardizing most of the parts

1. Re-Engineering Case Study